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Planned Preventative Maintenance – PPM

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts are produced and aligned with SFG20 and managed through the latest CAFM System.

Contracts cover either a single building or multiple sites across multiple locations throughout the UK. We listen to our clients requirements and tailor these contracts to the clients exacting specification and budget ensuring that your premises are maintained in line with SFG20 Specification and Current legislation to ensure that your assets are being maintained and compliant.


Painting a staircase
Visual inspection as part of planned maintenance
Phoenix Care Van

Quick & Easy Planned Maintenance

These Contracts are fully supported by our mobile engineering and residential engineers all who are supported by an account management team consisting of a Contract Manager and Engineering Supervisor.

Designed to ensure that your plant & equipment are maintained effectively to maximise life cycle and operating efficiency, we also carry out condition reports, dilapidation and life cycle reports to support CAPEX Visibility.

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Planned Maintenance Services

PhoenixCare Planned includes, but not limited to the services above.

Planned Maintenance
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